How to get a webanalytics job with a top agency

July 20, 2006

Recently Jason Burby, webanalytics director of webanalytics agency, posted an interesting comment at ClickZ about the hiring process of ZAAZ.

This is what ZAAZ is looking for:

“-A Web strategy background. Have they run or been a part of a team running an enterprise-level Web site?

-An understanding of different data types. The ability to analyze and interpret data types, everything from financial systems to behavioral, attitudinal, and competitive data.

-Experience in identifying opportunities to improve online businesses.

-An MBA or MBA-type experience.”

I believe Jason is totally right when he says that they he is looking for people with a mixture of different skills. Many webanalytics professionals are great technicians, but miss the business part. Or they have a great business expertise but don’t really relate to the technology aspects. I even can see that in most of the webanalytics software. Most products are made by technicians, which results in different webanalytic methods and nomenclature.

I am also glad that Jason doesn’t mention the typical 10+x years experience in webanalytics. The industry is barely 10 years old and their are still no norms of measurement.

Seeing 10+ years experience just means:” Don’t apply if your experience is under 2 years”.Having an IT recruiter in my family tells me that there are about 5 people around the globe with 10+x years experience in webanalytics. 


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