Omniture improves customer service with their regional customer user groups in six major cities across the United States. More than 300 marketing and business professionals representing 178 companies atttended the free groups to learn best practices, share ideas and discuss experiences

Interacting with other webanalytic professionals is a great idea. More and more people join this industry and their ideas should be exchanged and involved in the product development. I really like how Omniture, Websidestory, Clicktracks and many others touch base with the community.

The Omniture event is only 2,5 hours, which is not very long to go through serious stuff, but better than nothing. What astonishes me is that many great webanalytic products that are out there but don’t really provide any training or help. The ususal training efforts are often limited to a pdf whitepaper of 500 pages, which nobody is willing to read anyways.

It would be nice to hear that also non Omniture users (later maybe Omniture customers) can join this event.  

Clicktracks Analytics Inc. today reports new record sales. The revenue growth is 19.5 percent up from Q1 2006 and a 60 percent increase over the same quarter in 2005.

Clicktracks is obviously doing a great job and connecting to the webmaster scene. In comparison to other vendors they really understood the needs of small and medium size websites. Their new Click fraud report system is exactly what webmasters are looking for years and none of the well-known tracking tools offered an acceptable solution.

Two months ago I visited their booth at Pubcon and had a great discussion with one of their guys. I also joined some of their free SEO / SEM / Webanalytic classes, which are an enrichment for everybody. Usually this classes are boring b/c they start from the basics. But I guarantee that you will have one moment where you catch something, which is incredible worth for your work. It always happens to me and I take this sessions for my motivation. The next seminar will be about Top E-mail Marketing Tips & Tricks with Dr. Ralph Wilson, author and internet marketing Guru.

As mentioned in the press release ….”the heightened awareness of PPC click fraud has become a main driver of new sales at ClickTracks. Site owners use ClickTracks software to measure ad performance, check for prior fraud and apply for refunds”

Congratulations Clicktracks! I tested many webanalytic tools and most of them totally failed when it comes to tracking click fraud. It seems like some vendors don’t even know how webmasters can claim clickfraud with Google and Co.

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