Google Analytics bug

July 23, 2006

Youtube, currently world’s fastest growing website, can be fun on a rainy day. But Youtube without analytics? No way! I found a very interesting movie from member Frunny. The movie shows two bugs in the current Google webanalytics system. I just tested it myself and it is true: Google’s webanalytics can be manipulated with a single mouseclick:

Video 1: Bug

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No, you won’t find that here, but Engine Ready, Inc. announced it will be revealing the “5 Tips to Mastering Your Web Analytics” for attendees of the upcoming SES show in San Jose.

Visitors to the Engine Ready booth #526 will be able to talk to CEO Jamie Smith about what he considers are the 5 tips to understanding and effectively using your web analytics tool for maximum profitability of your online marketing campaigns. In addition, one lucky visitor will leave the Search Engine Strategies (SES) show with a brand new iPod Video, compliments of Engine Ready.

That sounds amazing and confusing to me. How can one person claim that only 5 tips can change your entire online business? What a strange idea to get people stop by the booth. Maybe someone can find an answer  here or here?