Click fraud only 2-5%?

July 26, 2006

Googles click fraud system Today the Google Adwords Team announced the launch of a new AdWords feature enabling advertisers to have a much more detailed picture of invalid click activity in their account.

These clicks are filtered in real-time by their detection system. The metrics of “invalid clicks” and “invalid clicks rate” will show virtually all the invalid clicks affecting an account. The resulting data will of course differ from one advertiser to the next. In addition, a much smaller number of invalid clicks may also be credited to advertisers’ accounts after-the-fact, as the result of a publisher being terminated from the AdSense program for invalid click activity. These will appear as account-level credits.

The click fraud report only works on the campaign level. First users reported click fraud between 2-5%. I ran a report myself and my US accounts have an average invalid click rate of 3.35%.

The invalid clicks report is a smart move by Google. The integration is limited to the reports, which means that Webanalytic Gurus and professional SEO’s won’t be able to explore this more. I am wondering how webanalytics vendors, webmasters and interactive agencies react to the unexpected low invalid click rate of 2-5%.

If you are interested in Google’s anti click fraud efforts, read this Tuzhilin Report.

omniture_logo3.gif Omniture was recently named the leading on-demand Web analytics provider by revenue in a report by IDC, an independent global research and advisory firm for the technology industry. The report highlights Omniture’s revenue growth from 2004 to 2005, stating “Omniture experienced very high growth in 2005… and is now the leading on-demand Web analytics provider by revenue.” It continues to discuss significant achievements in 2005 and 2006, including Omniture’s release of SearchCenter, its keyword bid management solution.

This IDC study shows vendor revenue for the Web analytics market for 2003–2005 as well as projections for 2006–2010. It includes a quantification of the changes in market concentration as well as profiles of several leading vendors.

“Web analytics has continued to flourish as the marketer’s attention toward online promotion and selling has increased. Massive changes are now taking place in the Web analytics space, transforming its direction and future.” — Robert Blumstein, research director, CRM analytics and marketing applications

The report attributes part of Omniture’s success and revenue growth in 2005 to successful launches of new technological developments, such as the company’s keyword management solution, SearchCenter™ and the partner integration with DoubleClick’s DARTmail. IDC also highlights Omniture’s innovative business developments announced in 2006, such as the Omniture Solutions Network™ — the Web analytics industry’s first partner network of certified solutions and services, and Omniture’s My Marketing Network™ — an interface that easily integrates partner solutions and services to provide customers with one source to manage multiple business initiatives.

The entire study can purchased here