, the new print measurement service scheduled to begin continuous measurement of issue-specific publication audiences this fall, today announced a partnership with comScore Media Metrix. Through this partnership, clients who subscribe to this service will have access to a single source of information on print readers, online readers, and readers who access a publication via both print and online versions.

As a result, clients will have a new level of understanding about the interaction of offline and online audiences. Online audience data will be based on actual behavior recorded by comScore Media Metrix’s proprietary technology – an especially important feature given the fragmentation of the online media environment.

“As publications increasingly strive to reach consumers across multiple platforms, we see this as a critical expansion of our service,” said Rebecca McPheters, President of McPheters & Company, which is launching According to Lynn Bolger, Executive Vice President of comScore Media Metrix, “This partnership represents substantial progress for the magazine industry. Publishers will finally have a tool with which to analyze consumer media behavior, enabling them to maximize value for both online and offline audience components.”

 Comscore logo The comScore Media Metrix qSearch service measures search-specific traffic on the internet. qSearch data is gathered by monitoring the web activities of about 1.5 million English-speakers worldwide. Today Comscore announced the launch of the Competitive Search Marketing Reports.

The service enables agencies, publishers and online marketers to compare the effectiveness of their online search campaigns to campaigns run by competitors.

Marketers seeking to target specific consumer segments can safely assume that the segment’s search behavior will reveal a list of topically-relevant sites for advertising purposes, but oftentimes less obvious sites can provide marketers with the greatest financial return. To aid marketers in this effort, comScore provides insight into Web-wide behavior for virtually any consumer segment, including those who exhibit specific search behavior.

This is a great tool to comapre your numbers against your competitors and it gives you a better idea about the search volume of your industry. Still many websites run keyword campaigns with under 1000 keywords. Diversity of keywords is usually a great approach to increase business and lower the average PPC costs.