partners with Comscore

July 28, 2006, the new print measurement service scheduled to begin continuous measurement of issue-specific publication audiences this fall, today announced a partnership with comScore Media Metrix. Through this partnership, clients who subscribe to this service will have access to a single source of information on print readers, online readers, and readers who access a publication via both print and online versions.

As a result, clients will have a new level of understanding about the interaction of offline and online audiences. Online audience data will be based on actual behavior recorded by comScore Media Metrix’s proprietary technology – an especially important feature given the fragmentation of the online media environment.

“As publications increasingly strive to reach consumers across multiple platforms, we see this as a critical expansion of our service,” said Rebecca McPheters, President of McPheters & Company, which is launching According to Lynn Bolger, Executive Vice President of comScore Media Metrix, “This partnership represents substantial progress for the magazine industry. Publishers will finally have a tool with which to analyze consumer media behavior, enabling them to maximize value for both online and offline audience components.”


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