StatCounter suprised its 1.3 million members when it rolled out a new “Visitor Map” feature. Visitors to a member’s website are now plotted as markers on a Google Map. This gives instant visual feedback about the location of visitors worldwide.


Each marker is expandable to give more information about when and how that particular visitor found a member’s website, what webpages they navigated through and how long they spent on the website. The ability to easily zoom in and out on the marker is also available.


Just a quick note for today: Microsoft launched contextual ads for beta publisher this morning. The new contextual ads will be  competition to Google Adsense and Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM). Publishers seem to be very happy and it will be interesting to see if MSN contextual ads will pay out more than Google Adsense or YSM.

The service will include demographic targeting, geo-targeting and incremental bidding tools.

Natal Mensez, product manager at MSN, just posted the following:

“Just want to emphasize that we’re inviting advertisers to participate in an early beta of Microsoft adCenter Content Ads — a new advertising product that will place relevant ads on web pages. Invitations will be rolling out to current adCenter customers over the next few weeks and months. We have plans to release a program for publishers in 2007… but this beta invitation is focused on the advertising platform.

When we have the URL up for advertisers to register interest in our Beta (should be up early next week)”

Monitor your competitors!

August 29, 2006

Current webanalytics tools measure your own website or measure the entire web (Coremetrics, Metricsdirect, Hitwise, Alexa…). When evaluating this data webanalysts often forget to monitor competitor behaviour. Monitoring and analyzing your competitors is one of the key factors for  your success. Website-watcher is a nice tool, which allows you to watch your competition closely. It takes a minimum of time and completes the picture of other monitoring techniques.   website-watcher.jpg

Here the key features:

Monitor web pages
Monitor web pages with a minimum of time. Why waste hours surfing the web, when WebSite-Watcher can do this job for you within a few minutes. Supports all kind of pages with textual content (html, asp, php, …).

Monitor password protected pages
Logins to a password protected page can be recorded with the integrated Check-Macro feature. These macros are executed when WebSite-Watcher checks the bookmarks for updates.

Monitor forums
Efficient way to monitor forums for new topics and replies using forum templates. Works with all major forums including phpBB, SMF, vBulletin, IPB,

Monitor RSS-Feeds
Website-Watcher converts RSS/Atom feeds into a readable format using a template system. So you can use the full power of WebSite-Watcher to detect new or changed RSS postings within a single tool and also monitor password protected RSS feeds behind a login

Free Data mining class

August 28, 2006

Anand Rajaraman and Jeffrey D. Ullman ,both Stanford university professors,  taught a Data mining class last year.  They both are so kind to publish the slides and PDF files.

Introduction to Data Mining

Introduction to Web Mining

Improved Methods for Frequent-Pair Mining

Web Crawling

PageRank and Hubs/Authorities

Minhashing and Locality-Sensitive Hashing

Topic-Specific PageRank

Web Spam

Introduction to Stream Mining

Stream Mining, Estimating Frequencies

Extracting Relational Data from the Web

Virtual Databases  

Introduction to Clustering

More on Clustering

Optimizing Selection of Ads

Week by week all the webanalytic vendors announce record results. Press releases don’t say much so I took the top 5 vendors and let them compete against each other. Here the results:

I. Alexa


II. Metricsmarket:

Omniture: Estimated 875,100 visitor sessions in the last 30 days

Websidestory: Estimated 539,800 visitor sessions in the last 30 days.

Coremetrics: Estimated 193,600 visitor sessions in the last 30 days.

Clicktracks: Estimated 722,000 visitor sessions in the last 30 days.

Webtrends: Estimated 678,200 visitor sessions in the last 30 days.

The numbers just give an idea and are not accurate, b/c these vendors work with different techniques. 


The size of the UK market for Web Analytics will grow to £56 million by the end of 2006, a 22% rise from £46 million in 2005, according to research of

 According to leading vendors, 2006 is already proving to be a strong year of growth following a similarly successful 2005 which saw the market grow 25% year-on-year from £37 million to £46 million, according to our previous estimates.

E-consultancy analyst Linus Gregoriadis said: “The web analytics industry is thriving because companies increasingly realise that accurate measurement and meaningful analysis is an essential platform for a successful online business.”

The arrival of Google’s free analytics service on the scene has been a positive development for the industry because it has helped to open up the marketplace and speed up the process whereby analytics is seen as essential business decision-making tool.

E-consultancy editor Chris Lake added: “Far from posing a threat to other web analytics vendors, the launch of Google Analytics has given impetus to the sector by opening the eyes of many organisations to the benefits of best practice in this area.”

After receiving a few emails with questions about the salaries of webanalytics professionals, I decided to do some research. I collected data from job offers and a resume database. Feel free to add your salary in the comments.

Here the results:

Level State Job description Salary in $
Temporary Texas Webanalyst for SAS USD 45.00 to USD 65.00 per hour
Experienced California Implementation engineer 80k plus stocks
Experienced New York Webmeasurment specialist 80-90k
Experienced New York Webanalyst 90-110k
Experienced Dublin / Ireland Web analytics -Senior devloper 60-100k
Mid-level Ontario / Canada Online Operations Manager 70k
Experienced California Web Analyst 90k
Experienced New York Web Operations Analyst 75k
Experienced Massachusetts eCommerce Analyst 80k plus stocks
Experienced California Senior Marketing Executive 110k
Experienced Texas VP Interactive Marketing Services 100k
Experienced Ohio Interactive Director 75k
Experienced Richmond Implementations Engineer 110k
Experienced Oklahoma Marketing Communications Project Manager 75k
Experienced California Online Marketing Director 95k
Experienced California Web Analyst 75k
Experienced Illinois Internet Marketing Manager 70k
Mid-level Texas Webanalyst 75k
Experienced Virginia Systems Analyst, Business Analyst 85k
Experienced California Dir/VP of Product Development 120k
Mid-level California Webadministrator 55k
Experienced New Jersey eCommerce Director 110k
Experienced Indiana Manager Internet marketing 50k
Experienced California Director – Business Intelligence 180k
Experienced New York Online Marketing Manager 80k
Experienced California Sr. Business Analyst 100k
Experienced New York Interactive Analyst 65k
Experienced Florida BI Manager 125k
Experienced California Market Intelligence Manager 110k
Mid-level Wisconsin Marketing Manager 45k
Experienced Colorado Senior Web Analytics Analyst 90k
Experienced London, UK Business Analyst 70k
Experienced Conneticut Web/CRM Analyst 80k
Experienced Virginia Project Manager 60k
Experienced California Senior Manager Internet Properties 100k
Experienced California Marketing Manager 65k
Experienced California VP of marketing 110k
Experienced Massachusetts Business Analyst 65k
Experienced New York Interactive Director Marketing 85k
Experienced MD Manager, Web Analytics 95k
Experienced California Sr. Marketing Manager 70k
Experienced Massachusetts Marketing Analytics 80k
Experienced California Online Media Director 90k
Experienced Conneticut Statistical Marketing Manager 78k
Experienced California Web Strategies & Operations Director 140k
Experienced California Online Marketing Manager 80k