Robots Simulation View, Historical data analysis and click fraud

August 2, 2006

Clicktrackslogo The guys from Clicktracks are ready for the SES in San Jose. The famous and kind booth staff, that somehow holds always  beer in their hands, will show attendees how to:

Travel back in time: Staffers will prove that it really is possible to go back in time and compare Clicktracks-archived web pages with new pages through ClickTracks’ famous overlay view.
Get their money back: Staffers will exhibit a click fraud analysis technique that singles out campaigns worthy of a click fraud refund
See what the robots see: Metricscasters will demonstrate a new “Robot Simulation View” that displays your web site through the eyes of a search engine spider.
Get the scoop on AB Splits: The boys will reveal ClickTracks’ three-click AB Split and Multivariate Analysis process
Connect the dots: Staffers will show why search engine ranking should be integrated with keyword performance analysis
Additionally the CEO John Marshall will be talking about “some new persuasion analysis techniques that reveal the influence level of pages or groups of pages”.

Clicktracks will also run a lottery (Lottolytics) scratch off lottery tickets that offer attendees a chance to create their own discounts on ClickTracks’ software products.

Not $10k like the guys from, but at least the chance to get a discount. It is also exciting to see how the robots simulation will be integrated in Clicktracks. I usually run simple SEO tools like Linkvendor , Dead links or SEO Chat’s Spider simulator


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