Measuring user generated content

August 3, 2006

The average pageview per visit, the percentage of low recency visitors and the order conversion rate of campaign x may be something new for your CFO or CEO, but not for you.

Since Craigslist, Myspace, Friendster, Youtube, Coke(!) and all the other user generated content websites became a huge success it might be worth it too take a closer look at these sites from a webanalytics perspective. I think it is time to find new key performance indicators and measure the real value of user generated content websites.  One new KPI could be the…

Average user created content per visitor (AUCC)

The average user created content per visitor is the number of user generated pages devided by the total visitors. This KPI gives you an indicator of how fast a website grows in terms of new pages.

Example:   You have 1000 visitors on the site, who create 300 pages within a week. Your weekly AUCC is 0.3 ( 300/1000). 

This number should be in reality very small, but it is a great indicator to see if your website users “connect” to your website. Obviously one member could have created 300 pages and the other 999 didn’t create anything, but still it gives you some value of your sites growth rate.

What can you do with the AUCC?
My believe is that a great marketing team with a good webanalytics person will be able to take the right action if the AUCC drops or increases. Of course it depends on the strategy of the business, but generally speaking more content leads to more visitors and higher revenues. So if your AUCC drops it is maybe time to promote the content generating tools on your site. 

The AUCC is also a great performance indicator for your SEO team. From an SEO perspective user generated content is King!


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