Webanalytics 2.0

August 4, 2006

Sento2 Webanalytics is big business these days and I wonder why most vendors are relatively uncreative when it comes to product extensions. Today I had a look at the new Customer Experience Platform (CXP) from Sento, which delivers active personalization and one-to-one marketing. Customers receive offers based on their personal online actions, buying history, location or demographics.

This tool seems to be a great extension to webanalytics software. Real-time personalized marketing are  one of the most effective ways to increase revenues and profits. Real-time product recommendations or customized newsletters are a real value to the customer and a big advantage of the online shopping experience.

But the great value of delivering the customer the right information or support can be killed with personalized pricing adaption.

The big travel sites with constantly changing prices upset a lot of customers over the last years. That could be one of the reasons why Web 2.0 services like Farecast or Flyspy developed new businesses, which claim to predict prices changes.


At the end of the day an online business has to decide how far they go with personalized marketing. The line between profits and upsetting customers is very thin.  Tools like Sento’s CXP will form a new webanalytics generation. Amazon, Netflix and the travel sites already show what will come to the masses.


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