August 7, 2006

Eyetools logo 212 Large companies use Eyetracking to improve their products for a long time. Eyetracking is common in a lot of industries, but was never really used in medium sized online companies. Eyetools makes Eyetracking now affordable.

 eytools tracking

What I especially like about Eyetracking tools like Eyetools is that their numbers are very accurate. Knowing what people read  is one of the highest values that a company can have. Of course you can measure how somebody scrolled or used his mouse, but you never will know if he actually saw or read your content.

If you look at these impressive eyetracking videos  (by the Poynter Institute) you probably know what I mean. Many ysers don’t even bother looking at certain parts of websites, which is always astonishing. If they don’t read it they (probably) won’t click on it and maybe never come back.

The pricing of the Eyetools tracking system is fair and affordable for medium sized online companies. For $1250 you already can have a Mini study of one of your pages:

  • A group of people visit your website for a given task
  • An Eyetools Heatmap showing group trends of what people see on each page during each task
  • Eyeflow eye-movement data for each person on each page 
  • Click information,
  • Answers to questions asked before and/or after each visit to your site (free-response or Likert Scale),
  • Results available online a couple of days after the data is collected,
  • A conference call to discuss your results with an Eyetools analyst. Results delivered a couple days after the data is collected.


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