August 8, 2006

Feedburner Bloganalytics Feedburner recently bought Blogbeat, a very advanced blog analytics solution and announced that Blogbeat will be integrated in Feedburner. Today I checked my old Feedburner accounts and was wondering what Blogbeat will bring in this relationship

 Feedburner’s current features:

Dashboard which is a regular dashboard showing subscribers and reach.

Subscribers which records web browsers, Feed readers and agrregator

Live Hits which provides an 24 hour overview (kind of like the rush hour feature)

Item Use which records the search items

Uncommon uses which show references that could be a neat little news filter somebody wrote, a blog somebody assembled from feeds, or even blog spam

FeedBurner manages hundreds of thousands of feeds and in doing so, we’ve catalogued thousands of common places where feeds are referenced throughout the Web.

Blogbeat features:

Blog summary (dashboard)
Recent Visitors
Recently viewed posts
Recent referrers
Recent searches (kewyords engine)
Visitors by Day
Time of Day
Day of Week
Visitor Demographics (Browser, Languages, Operating System, screen resoulitios)
User labeling

If you compare both services it is clear that Feedburner will gain momentum and will be the leading force of bloganalytics.  It will be interesting to see how other bloganalytics and webanalytics vendors react to Feedburners new release, which will happen by end of this year.


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