$ 85 billion of Advertising Is Wasted

August 9, 2006

Jack Neff at Advertising Age wrote an interesting article about a new book called “What sticks“. The book authors Briggs and Greg Stuart claim that $85 billion each year or 37% of all advertising is wasted.

What sticks

The book description on Amazon reads like the bible of all analytic problems:

“This book will demonstrate how to spend advertising dollars effectively, offering practical, hands-on solutions based on the authors’ $4 million dollars’ worth of recent landmark research—extensive, proprietary research—to measure the effectiveness of advertising and to help optimize ad spending.”

Not sure what I should think about the description, but I am confident that this book will be a big boost for the webanalytics industry.


2 Responses to “$ 85 billion of Advertising Is Wasted”

  1. Greg Stuart Says:

    FYI, it’s not $85 billion wasted, it’s $112 billion. Which is 37% of the total estimated advertising spending. It’s a real problem.
    Greg Stuart

  2. Thanks for your update. I picked up the numbers from Adage, which probably were wrong.
    The Book is already ordered and hopefully I will get it within the next 3 days.

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