AOL search records

August 9, 2006

Just a quick note for all SEOs / SEMs / Webanalytic guys. Forget Wordtracker for today and go to , Websearchdata or Don’t delete and  try to pull out your industry keywords. 

I know it is not a nice move to use the database that AOL “lost“, but your competitors might work on the database as well. If you think this is not appropriate, wait till some SEO’s and SEMs take away your traffic. I didn’t see the entire AOL search database yet, but for a good SEO this is a huge goldmine. I bet that hundreds of SEOs are already building pages and networks together. Not sure what Google thinks about this? 20 million records are a nice amount to use for SEO or SEM purposes.


One Response to “AOL search records”

  1. max Says:

    There’s a place to discuss particular AOL users and their queries:

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