Make easy Adsense money with Yahoo group postings

August 9, 2006

Making Google Adsense money with CSS and other tricks became “Volkssport” these days. Some websites got busted some are still around but it is kind of boring to see the same Adsense tricks over and over.

Last night I found another amazing Adsense trick. A guy found a really smart way to make money out of other people’s private groups postings. His websites Alexa rank averages under 600,000 and I believe he makes good money. Also to mention that his website covers a high profitable niche market with an average (Yahoo search marketing) click price above $1.50.

The idea:

His basic idea is it to import Yahoo / MSN / Google group postings into his personal blog, which runs Adsense contextual advertising.

How it works:

His site is based on a WordPress blog,which comes with an XML-RPC server. He basically wrote a blogging API, making group posts from Yahoo/MSN/Google behave in a threaded discussion. Additionally he uses a WinForms desktop application to manage the WordPress blog.

This way he is able to import the entire discussion of a private group into his blog, that is search engine optimized and open to all users.

How to justify the “archive” to group members who could end up on his blog:

He was very thoughtful and claims that the blog is his “personal archive” to organize the interesting group postings. Good call, but why does his “personal archive” needs advertising?

You know the answer 🙂


22 Responses to “Make easy Adsense money with Yahoo group postings”

  1. martina Says:

    top 100 factors on which adsense earnings depends

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  3. Halim Says:


    Can you please give me Alexa blogs address

  4. heru Says:

    is it contravene with google tos ?

  5. invi Says:

    Well here comes the bad news! All the yahoo groups have enabled the moderating features. The posting has to pass the moderator test…there’re very few chances left in yahoo groups. And of-course google and msn groups are real pathetic. 😦 😦

  6. adeez Says:

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  7. adeez Says:


  8. iftikhar Says:

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  10. Deraven Says:

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    not a big deal
    Check his out

  11. AporbNubzoora Says:

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  12. cm1983 Says:

    interesting indeed

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  14. RareChegree Says:

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  15. Sardar Ayaz Says:

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