Siliconbeat “beats” webanalytics industry

August 10, 2006

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Today Matt Marshall at Siliconbeat


15 Responses to “Siliconbeat “beats” webanalytics industry”

  1. djchuang Says:

    Excellent insightful objective comparison. Now, would you have any tips on how to explain these technically nuanced differences to those non-techies, as often vendors and executives alike would rely on Alexa ranking, when in fact, those numbers are only valid as a comparative trend to other websites, and not very valid for websites not in the top 150,000 trafficked?

  2. […] Stagnating, doubling — tomato, tomahto, right? To his credit, Marshall goes out of his way to note that while Hitwise is a “respected” traffic analysis firm, numbers are all over the map — and he links to the other Marshall’s critique of the field. The simple fact is that Hitwise, Comscore, Nielsen and Alexa all use different methodologies (a good description here) and as a result they are not just talking about apples and oranges, they are talking about apples and oranges and plums and peaches. […]

  3. […] Auch ganz beeindruckend ist die Tatsache, dass der Serverpark seit der Übernahme durch Yahoo von 20 auf 100 Maschinen erweitert wurde. Einen genaueren Blick in die verschiedenen Zahlen und zählweisen kann man bei webanalytics werfen. […]

  4. […] Webanalyticsbook added some graphs and a good summary of the main companies that guess traffic. Alexa: Alexa data is collected via the Alexa browser toolbar, which is obviously more often installed on tech interested users, than on average Joe’s computer. This means that more tech relevant users on your site increase the chance that your Alexa rank increases. Also software programmes like Alexabooster can easily “boost” your rank . Alexa only gives you an idea or a trend, but will never be accurate. […]

  5. […] As mentioned before Alexa has the problem, that it collects traffic with the Alexa toolbar, which is usually used by webmasters or technical interested users. This obviously caused technical related websites to rank higher than non-technical websites (Just google NYTimes vs. […]

  6. Chris Says:

    I was involved with another web analytics company you don’t mention (funny, since I believe it’s larger than the three you do mention). The biggest problem is that even with huge sample sizes, for sites below the top few thousand, you’re still dealing with a very small numbers of accesses among your sample, so it’s impossible to accurately extrapolate to the whole population with any confidence, even if you’re statistically tweaking the results based on demographics as Comscore does.

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  8. […] Matt at the Silicon Beat wrote about Web Stats are broken and some one else wrote an add-on giving a good description why the stats services are broken differ […]

  9. this is great info! i don’t find alexa significant at all

  10. great information. I agree as well.

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  13. […] Matt at the Silicon Beat wrote about Web Stats are broken and some one else wrote an add-on giving a good description why the stats services are broken differ […]

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