Visistats Version 4.0 with new features

August 14, 2006

VisiStat today introduced a major new version of its graphical website tracking service stacked with performance enhancements and new at-a-glance activity reports.

New features include:

1. WorldMaps: With WorldMaps, users can see the source and volume of visits to their web site from any country around the globe

2. LinkTracker, a new feature that displays the number of document downloads and other clickable actions available on every page of a web site.

3. StatCaster real-time tracking technology

4. Live Page Views (beta), a desktop window that presents a running count of how many people are on your site. Like all VisiStat reports, it is addictively simple to read and it filters out non-human hits to a web site

5. Domain Filtering, which uses data authentication to prevent “spoofing,” a simple yet insidious trick where hackers simply copy a site’s HTML page code and post their own look-alike site.

Version 4.0 also includes Friendly Page Naming, Page Zoom, Platform and Plug-in Reports, QuickNav, Easy Online Account Management, Global Click Path Trending.

Veristat seems like an affordable alternative to the big 5 webanalytics vendors. The new features bring Visistats closer to more expensive services e.g. Clicktracks, Websidestory, Omniture and Co.
If smaller vendors like Visistat keep on upgrading their systems in this speed we soon will have no difference between the vendors.

What I personally sill miss is a flexible Report builder plugin for Excel. Almost every webanalyst, who worked with an Excel plugin will admit, that an Excel plugin is one of the most appreciated features.


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