Cookies are [only] good!

August 16, 2006

Webanalyticsassociation Website visitors are beginning to understand cookies can serve a positive, practical purpose for both the site owner and visitor but much education still needs to be done from both the industry and consumer perspective, says the Web Analytics Association (WAA).

Educating users is a good thing and the Webanaltyics industry, which is afraid of watered results, is doing a great job. What I miss in this press release is a clear statement about cookies:

1. Cookies are not like worms and viruses and cannot delete anything on a user’s hard drive.
2. Cookies are not a form of spyware in that they can read personal information stored on the user’s computer
3. Cookies don’t generate popups
4. Cookies are not used for spamming
6. Cookies are not only used for advertising

Cookies are in fact only data, not code: they cannot erase or read information from the user’s computer.


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