Email marketing – 10 things you should know

August 24, 2006

Yesterday I took part in the Email marketing class with Dr. Wilson. I already knew most of the stuff, but still learned some details that I wasn’t aware of.

 Here my (personal) notes:

 1. Getting [newsletter] subscribers top priority

Newsletter marketing can be powerful and shouldn’t be the websites “step-child”.  Your house-list is gold if you can build it aggressively.

2.  Use layer pop-ups

Dr. Wilsons newsletter subscriber rate increased 40%. His secrets: Show the popup after 5 seconds and make clear that it is a popup from the website. Give incentives (free e-book/ whitepaper). Make sure popup is not on your Adwords landing page (TOS), Popups for newsletters are annoying but very effective, only one popup per visitor (cookie)

3. Use hosted ASP Email marketing solution

Best for deliverability, b/c ASP solutions keep strong relationship with ISP. Licensed or desktop solution have delivery caps or deliverability is you own solution. Dr. Wilson recommended,, or

4. Format Multi-part Mime

A sandwich of text then HTML, don’t use pure text or html (deliverability).

5. Graphics and Design

Use large fonts for old eyes; don’t use pictures for important messages, b/c graphics may not be seen in preview panel (e.g. gmail)

6. Archive newsletter on page

Good for SEO

7. Don’t overuse personalization

Balance of personal and general.

8. Remember autoresponders

Autorespond to the 2% of the users to get 100% permission (if possible)

9. Spam filters / Test

Be always updated of spam keywords (e.g. free, cialis…) , whitelists, check newsletter before sending: , Can Spam Act, Address and phonenumber in the email,

10. Use absolute paths

Use http://, check everything twice.


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