This year’s Emetrics Summit is slated to be the biggest for the five-year-running conference series organized by industry luminary and president of the Web Analytics Association, Jim Sterne.

Registration for the first east coast Emetrics Summit broke all previous year’s records four weeks prior to the event, and the conference series is likely to see its third sold-out event in a row.

Seems like it is going to be a big event. Hopefully I will see some of the blog readers there.


Coremetrics 2007

September 28, 2006

Coremetrics is launching a comprehensive range of tools which enable organizations to implement more scientific, data-driven and proactive online marketing programs. Coremetrics 2007 builds on Coremetrics’ robust web analytics platform, enabling marketers to turn granular analytical data into clear marketing activity plans instantly.

Coremetrics Online Analytics Enhancements

Coremetrics 2007 adds significant new capabilities for companies in the travel, financial services and content delivery spaces, including:

  • Action Ready Reports – an executive-level set of reports available in an automated and easy-to-distribute Microsoft Excel notebook format, viewable on or offline. Action Ready Reports extend the reach of the Coremetrics platform to those without direct access to the Coremetrics interface.
  • Conversion Events a set of reports that track the relative value of potentially thousands of discrete events that represent non-commerce related website goals, such as downloading information, registering for a newsletter or signing up for a gift registry. For example, a media website may value the completion a subscription twice as much as a visitor interacting with a game. The new Conversion Events functionality enables organizations to assess the performance of various content or marketing programs in achieving their goals.
  • Dimensions Report – analyzes details surrounding online bookings, enabling travel providers to track information such as the website where the booking originated, the relative success of different brands or geographies, and attributes such as room size or seat classification. The Dimensions Report can also be tailored to meet the ad hoc dimensional reporting needs of other new customers.

SEMDirector, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise search analytics software and Omniture (Nasdaq: OMTRNews), a leading provider of online business optimization software, jointly announced today the formation of an alliance to provide a select portfolio of integrated software solutions. Under the terms of this agreement, the two companies will work together to extend the integration between Omniture’s Web analytics products and SEMDirector’s enterprise search analytics solutions.

The integration between these two product suites provides global, distributed organizations with unparalleled visibility, actionable metrics and robust functionality to manage and optimize all facets of search engine marketing across the entire enterprise. As part of this new alliance, SEMDirector also announced its participation in Omniture’s accreditation and certification programs for technology and sales.

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According to Mark Shields over at Adweek, the Interactive Advertising Bureau is pressuring the two firms to increase their transparency and improve their methodologies—just as both prepare to undergo long-awaited Media Rating Council-led audits.

It’s been a long-standing tradition among Web publishers to occasionally gripe about their numbers. But in the last several months, what was mild grumbling has become a cacophony of complaints, as several top publishers call into question the validity of the traffic data being provided by the industry’s major third-party metrics firms: Nielsen//NetRatings and comScore Media Metrix.

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Websidestory today announced the results of a new study that shows paid search has only a slight 9 percent edge in conversion rates over organic search. In a study of leading business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sites during the first eight months of this year, paid search — keywords bought on a pay-per-click basis at search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN — had a median order conversion rate of 3.40 percent at business-to-consumer e-commerce sites using the company’s award-winning HBX Analytics technology.

Paid v. Organic Search
    Median Order Conversion Rates at Business to Consumer E-Commerce Sites
    Jan.-Aug. 2006

    Marketing Channel                 Conversion Rate
    Paid Search                       3.40%
    Organic Search                    3.13%
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Real-Time Identity Proofing

September 22, 2006

Identity risk management company, ID Analytics, Inc., and VeriSign, Inc., provider of intelligent infrastructure services for Internet and telecommunications networks, have developed an initiative to strengthen identity verification and proofing for online customers.

Under the terms of a Referral Agreement, VeriSign intends to refer ID Analytics solutions to certain customers, including VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) customers. Using the ID Network and Graph Theoretic Anomaly Detection (GTAD), advanced pattern recognition technology, ID Analytics solutions are designed to allow VIP customers to instantly assess the risk of an identity the first-time a user registers for a new account or attempts to complete any high-value service online.
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On Thursday Manoj Jasra from Webpronews interviewed Google Analytics’ Senior Manager Brett Crosby.

Can you start by talking a little bit about your professional background.

[Brett]: When we were acquired by Google I was VP of marketing at Urchin, I was also one of the co-founders of Urchin Software. We had been developing the software for about 10 years prior to that, both software and web based version. Once we were acquired I became the senior manager of Google Analytics.

The entire interview can be found here