WebTrends Responds to NetRatings’ Patent Infringement Litigation

October 10, 2006

WebTrends Inc responded to a lawsuit recently filed by NetRatings, Inc. in the United States District Court for the District of Oregon. NetRatings, which has filed similar lawsuits against competing vendors over the past two years, filed a lawsuit against WebTrends alleging infringement of several patents owned by NetRatings. WebTrends has reviewed the claims and believes they lack merit. WebTrends intends to defend itself vigorously against the complaint.

“As the innovator and technology leader in web analytics, WebTrends is serious about its intellectual property rights,” said Greg Drew, CEO and president of WebTrends Inc. “We firmly believe these claims have no merit. In addition, as the pioneer in this industry, WebTrends has several issued U.S. patents of its own in the web analytics space. We are currently reviewing all of our legal options and will aggressively defend our position.”

 All the big 5 vendors develop more and more similar features and it was a question of time until one sues another. It will be interesting to see how this case will influence the webanalytics industry


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