Google’s A/B tester is called Website Optimizer

October 18, 2006

Google released today a new tool called Website Optimzer. It allows Adwords users to experiment different landing pages. It is basicially a good A/B tester for all PPC campaigns that run thru Adwords.

 The Website Optimizer is a free tool that helps AdWords advertisers test different landing pages and determine which one drives the most conversions. A true multivariate testing tool, Website Optmizer allows you to test variations of headlines, promotional copy, and images. The tool allows you to update your site with the winning test combination and continue to experiment.

 I believe that Website Optimizer is a major advantage for Google over their competitors. Now the true power of Google Analytics is revealed. The “new tools” approach for campaign optimization is a great thing. Hopefully Affiliate networks will wake up now and  work together with the webanalytics vendors. 


One Response to “Google’s A/B tester is called Website Optimizer”

  1. Ophir Prusak Says:

    If you’re looking for some advanced tricks for Google Website Optimizer – I just posted some:

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