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December 18, 2006

Dear reader,

After this blog took off as I’ve never expected , I decided to run the blog on the originial URL.

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Thanks again for your support! Thanks to all magazines that quoted this site within the last 5 months.


News of Steve Irwin’s death spread rapidly across the internet. The web measurement company Hitwise said Australian internet traffic to media websites on Monday hit its highest point since the Beaconsfield mine rescue in May.

Within 30 minutes of the story appearing on it was the day’s most viewed story. This immediately reminded me on tragedies like Katrina and Sept. 11th. Shame on companies, which make a big buck out of tragedies. The Ebay auctions are an old thing, but I couldn’t beleive my eyes when I saw the  New York times advertising on Google Adwords:

Steve Irwin: 1962-2006
The New York Times reports on the
death of the “Crocodile Hunter”

Thumbs up for every company, which doesn’t explore tragedies!

Yes a little bit offtopic, but a very interesting story about a new heavily funded German Web 2.0 company that just launched its new product. According to it’s founders  is a revolutionary service for personal digital online communication.


“Using intuitive Drag & Drop operation, a top-design straight forward user interface, hiding the all powerful technology under the surface, ComBOTS brings back fun into communication through permanent and private one to one connections to friends and family.Each of these connections is represented by a high quality 3Dcharacter with animated emotions that make icons, smilies or greetingcards look outdated.”


According to different sources it is possible to send up to 500 MB files with guaranteed delivery. It also supports free phone calls, rich media exchange, photos, voice and file messages.

 I am not sure what is so revolutionary about this product, but Euro 450 Million Dollar in free assets, a 3 year development and more than 50 patents, indicate that this is an interesting new product that could rock the phone and IM market.