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December 18, 2006

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Intellitracker announced a significant number of enhancements today:

 • New Reporting Platform

A new look and feel brings Intellitracker Enterprise Version 5 right up to date and provides significant improvements in usability. The new reporting platform on which this interface is based provides the power and flexibility to create interactive reports that exactly suit user requirements.

• Visitor Segmentation Enhancements

Powerful filtering and visitor segmentation has always been a major feature of Intellitracker Enterprise. Version 5 enhances this by allowing users to segment visitors based on any of the information stored. Rather than providing a fixed set of filters users can now choose how to segment their visitors and apply this segmentation to any of the reports.

• New IntelliView Path Overlay Feature

The IntelliViewtm facility provides users with a view of which links were clicked by visitors overlaid on top of a view of the relevant web page. Like other reports this can be filtered to show a subset of visitors based upon any criteria selected.

• New Global Reporting Facilities

An Intellitracker Enterprise account can contain multiple websites. This new feature allows users to run reports across multiple websites.

• Further Report Acceleration

Following close on the heels of the significant improvements included within Version 4.3, Version 5 once again raises the bar on report speed. While most vendors have achieved acceptable report speed by aggregating data and using this for reporting, Intellitracker have tackled this issue head on. Intellitracker Enterprise provides reports based upon original data and does this without compromising report speed. This allows users to choose their own report time periods (rather than being limited to fixed daily, weekly or monthly reports) and tracks repeat visitors over the full life of the site.

• New Links with External Applications

The new Data Extractor facility allows users to incorporate live Intellitracker data into other applications or systems. Although generic in nature the initial release will focus on links to MS Excel allowing users to create their own reports containing web analytics data alongside other data, perhaps for a monthly management report.

Small to medium-sized businesses looking for a decisive ebusiness advantage can now dramatically increase their web traffic and overall site performance through a single product interface. This new capability comes from a technology-integration and customer affiliate program announced today by VisiStat and Specific Media.

This is how the system works:

Step 1: Driving traffic to your website

Step 2: Identifying visitors for Retargeting

Step 3: Identifying your past visitors as they surf the web

Step 4: The consumer returns to your site to complete the sale.

Step 5: Retargeting your past website visitors all over again!

The alliance allows VisiStat customers to access Specific Media’s powerful Retargeting ad server from within the VisiStat user dashboard and gain the option to deliver ads to their former site visitors when they are identified throughout the Specific Media network.

“Retargeting is a perfect complement to the VisiStat analytics suite,” says Tina Bean, marketing director for VisiStat. “Their ability to extend the reach of your online banner ads is impressive. It’s a capability that we know our customers want, and now we’re making it a whole lot easier for them to engage it directly through their VisiStat account.”

As part of the new affiliate agreement, Specific Media will also offer its customers single-click access to VisiStat while accessing the Retargeting service at

“Like VisiStat, we have a very strong presence among SMBs,” says Steven Carter, vice president of product development for Specific Media. “Our Retargeting service allows you to serve your ad banners to users even after they leave your site. These users are very valuable because they have already expressed an interest in your product or service. Retargeting lets you find them and bring them back to your site to close the deal.”

Visistat included a great tool to push discounts or special offers to your recurring visitors. What I am not sure about is the statement, that the retargeting system allows you “to target users even after they leave your site”. I hope Visistat only allows targeting once a visitor is on the customer’s website. To run popups or banner once a visitor has left the site would be unethical.

StatCounter suprised its 1.3 million members when it rolled out a new “Visitor Map” feature. Visitors to a member’s website are now plotted as markers on a Google Map. This gives instant visual feedback about the location of visitors worldwide.


Each marker is expandable to give more information about when and how that particular visitor found a member’s website, what webpages they navigated through and how long they spent on the website. The ability to easily zoom in and out on the marker is also available.

VisiStat today introduced a major new version of its graphical website tracking service stacked with performance enhancements and new at-a-glance activity reports.

New features include:

1. WorldMaps: With WorldMaps, users can see the source and volume of visits to their web site from any country around the globe

2. LinkTracker, a new feature that displays the number of document downloads and other clickable actions available on every page of a web site.

3. StatCaster real-time tracking technology

4. Live Page Views (beta), a desktop window that presents a running count of how many people are on your site. Like all VisiStat reports, it is addictively simple to read and it filters out non-human hits to a web site

5. Domain Filtering, which uses data authentication to prevent “spoofing,” a simple yet insidious trick where hackers simply copy a site’s HTML page code and post their own look-alike site.

Version 4.0 also includes Friendly Page Naming, Page Zoom, Platform and Plug-in Reports, QuickNav, Easy Online Account Management, Global Click Path Trending.

Veristat seems like an affordable alternative to the big 5 webanalytics vendors. The new features bring Visistats closer to more expensive services e.g. Clicktracks, Websidestory, Omniture and Co.
If smaller vendors like Visistat keep on upgrading their systems in this speed we soon will have no difference between the vendors.

What I personally sill miss is a flexible Report builder plugin for Excel. Almost every webanalyst, who worked with an Excel plugin will admit, that an Excel plugin is one of the most appreciated features.

Unica logo Unica today announced the launch of its Internet Marketing Alliance Program. New partners include 24/7 Real Media, Efficient Frontier, Did-it and Performics. This move will allow Unica users to double check their own and third party advertising efforts. It is a move that Websidestory and Omniture already did.

 Here are the key advantages that Unica announced:

Accurate measurement on- and off-line: By tracking response and conversion data from across channels, the integrated solution will provide more complete measurement of the influence and return on investment of search and other online marketing initiatives. For example, it will automatically attribute relevant purchases of known visitors made via a call center, sales representative or store to the original search activity. This ability to measure the offline impact will enhance online search planning and strategies.

Unified reporting: Most marketers today must juggle multiple, disparate applications and reporting systems to estimate advertising spend and results and reconcile conflicting reports. Unica’s integrated solution provides a unified view of the marketing data needed to effectively plan, execute and analyze branding, acquisition and retention programs.

Addressability: Traditionally, search marketing is not targeted by customer segment or multi-channel response attribution. By leveraging customer value and segment information managed by Affinium, search marketers can drive keyword strategies to acquire more high value customers and increase marketing spend effectiveness for each target segment.

Scalability and Flexibility: Most integrated search and web analytics solutions can’t scale to meet the needs of high-volume search marketers. With Unica’s internet marketing alliance, search marketers with thousands of keywords benefit from the expertise and scalability of best-of-breed search solutions without sacrificing integration with web analytics. In addition, they have the benefits of Unica’s scalable analytics solution with the power to analyze hundreds of millions of page views, rapidly assess KPIs, and easily dig deeper with unique drill-anywhere(TM), trend-anything(TM) capabilities.