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December 18, 2006

Dear reader,

After this blog took off as I’ve never expected , I decided to run the blog on the originial URL.

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Thanks again for your support! Thanks to all magazines that quoted this site within the last 5 months.


Social Network Analysis (SNA)

December 15, 2006

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This blog has moved to

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Avenue A /Razofish released  a bunch of great insight papers in three major categories –  media analytics, Web analytics and customer relationship management. To view these papers visit Avenue A / Razorfish’s website

Just In Time Information
Joy Andrews + Carrie Cianchette, December 2006

The Collaboration Imperative
Shiv Singh, November 2006

Search is Search
Josh Palau, November 2006

Presentation Layer Best Practices
Frederic Welterlin, October 2006

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WebTrends Inc announced today its acquisition of ClickShift, an innovator in online advertising optimization. The acquisition brings leading edge technology and deep industry expertise to WebTrends. Rodkin and Chang, who previously founded Flyswat, subsequently acquired by NBCi, will continue to lead the team out of its current San Bruno, Calif. facility. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Interesting move of Webtrends. Clickshift recently figured out that cross-selling is an important part of PPC traffic. This means that an optimized landing page for a single product is often not the most efficient way to convert traffic. Funny thing is that Google Adwords introduced the Quality Score, which kind of requires the opposite, namely the landing page optimization for a single product. Maybe Yahoo with their new Panama rollout will do it better

Telephia and ComScore Networks announced the launch of a joint service that compares and combines Internet usage data from the two firms. MobileWeb Metrix is designed to provide media companies, advertisers, and agencies with a detailed comparison of audiences who view Internet content using PCs and mobile phones.

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